WiND and Climate


Dahab is ideally located between the mountains of Sinai and Saudi Arabia across the Gulf of Aqaba.  The wind moving between these two mountain ranges is funnelled along the coast causing it to pick up speed around the Dahab area.  This luck of geography means that the wind will typically be around 10 knots or so stronger than the ordinary weather forecast would suggest.  We have about 90% of days with greater than 17 knots of wind (over Force 4) during the summer season (May to October) and about 50% of days like this during the rest of the year.


Air temperature

Sea temperature

Dahab is an amazing place for watersports all-year-round.


The air and sea temperatures are still warm in winter making Dahab an awesome winter escape.  With daytime air temperatures averaging over 20 °C and sea temperatures over 23 °C, a summer wetsuit or shorty is sufficient for enjoying the 50% of planning days over Force 4.  On average it rains only three times a year, so you are almost guaranteed to be windsurfing in sunny blue skies.  What better away to avoid the winter blues?


Summer is super windy in Dahab.  About 90% of days are planning days for windsurfing and almost every day is perfect for wingfoiling and kiting.  Leave your wetsuit behind and enjoy your time on the water in board shorts or bikini.  Who cares if you fall in with a water temperature of 28 °C? 

In the height of summer (June / July) the maximum air temperature averages 35 °C, but because of the low-humidity and cooling winds Dahab is still paradise.

Low-accommodation prices in Dahab make it a perfect venue for student groups who want to come out for an extended summer holiday.

Spring and Autumn

October / November and April / May are very popular times in Dahab.  There are about 70% of planning days for windsurfing and almost every day is perfect for wingfoiling and kiting.  Whilst not as windy as summer, the temperatures are perfect and you can still ditch your wetsuit.