We can offer a wide variety of accommodation to suit every budget and every taste. Just let us know what you are after on our Booking Enquiry page. Below are three of our favourites!

Ganet Sinai Hotel

We are based at the Ganet Sinai Hotel, so you can't get any more convenient. Roll out of bed, head down to the centre, and you can be out on the water in minutes! We have teamed up with the hotel to offer some great room rates and special offers for our guests. Once we receive your Booking Enquiry we will check availability and prices for you.

The Swiss Inn

If you would like some luxury, then why not try the Swiss Inn. It's right next door to Dahab Stars and is extremely convenient and one of the finest hotels in Dahab. If you would like to stay at this hotel then please let us know on our Booking Enquiry form (we will check for availability before confirming prices).

Self-catering Apartments

If you're on a budget, or prefer not to stay in a hotel, then there are lots of flat and apartments available all year round for any length of stay. Let us know how much you would like to pay, how long you wish to stay, and what location and we can advise you of all the options.