Dahab is on the eastern shore of Egypt’s South Sinai peninsula and about 50 miles (80 km) north of Sharm el Sheikh, which is about an hour away by taxi.

Once a summer retreat for the Bedouin who came to fish and enjoy life by the sea, it is now a vibrant region with an eclectic mix of cultures and a small-town vibe.

A special place

There's nowhere else like Dahab and once visited it's easy to get addicted to the place.  Home to Egyptian and Bedouins, many people from around the world are attracted by its stunning mountain scenery, turquoise-blue seas, and laid-back atmosphere.  Whether you are a lone traveller, or travelling in a group, it is the perfect place for a safe and active holiday where your experiences off the water match those on it.  At Dahab Stars, we are here to help you experience everything that Dahab has to offer.

Accomodation for all budgets

Whether you want a high-class hotel, a budget hotel, or self-catering, Dahab has short- and long-term options.  

Restaurants for all budgets

There are many cheap and delicious restaurants with an astonishing mixture of cuisines for a small town.  Along the seafront in the Masbat district, in the Lighthouse district and in Assala, there are more upmarket restaurants that serve Egyptian food, Mediterranean food, seafood, steaks and grills.  You can also find good quality Lebanese, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Russian, Italian, and Japanese restaurants in these area.  There are also extraordinarily good and cheap backstreet restaurants where you can eat well for about $2.

Many of the tourist restaurants either serve alcohol or are happy for you to bring your own without a surcharge. 


If you are after souvenir hunting, handicraft gifts, or spices, Dahab has many independent, small and, often quirky, shops.  There is also a bustling Friday Market where you can find traditional Bedouin crafts and local delicacies.


Dahab is home to many independent coffee shops and cafés.  Whether you want a coffee in a Bohemian café by the beach or to enjoy a sheesha in one of the local Egyptian cafés, Dahab has something for everyone's taste.  Most have WIFI and some are setup particularly for remote working. Whilst the atmosphere in Dahab is much more low-key than in Sharm el Sheikh, there are a few bars, including the popular Blue Beach, Yella Bar and Churchills.